Amethyst  Crystal


Amethyst clusters are a beautiful way to bring the healing power of amethyst into your home. We have a great range of amethyst clusters, each of which is unique.

Crystal clusters are believed to absorb negative energy and release the positive power of the crystal back into the room. They make wonderful gifts and are perfect for new homes. We also have a great choice of amethyst geodes and amethyst healing crystals for any occasion.


Amethyst is a beautiful and fascinating crystal loved by crystal healers and collectors alike. This purple crystal is a variety of quartz and ranges in colour from pale lavender to deep winey purples.

Amethyst is known as a master healer and is believed to heal all systems of the body. It is also believed to be a powerfully spiritual crystal aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, making it perfect for mediation and expanding consciousness.

We have a great choice of amethyst healing crystals, polished amethyst crystals and amethyst clusters for your home or healing practice.


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