DICL Foundation supports a broad range of human services and community improvement programs. Human service programs of particular interest to the Foundation include children and family services, early childhood development, and parenting education, especially in supporting girls who drop out of the school due to various reasons. DICL Foundation supports a variety of Community Improvement Programs (CIP) including those that enhance non-profit management and promote philanthropy and voluntarism in the health and education sector. DICL Foundation intends on Strengthening Individual, Strengthening Families and Strengthening Community consequently change community.

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We need to set hew way of attracting clients, whether we use Pads or Vitamins, Food, School Uniforms, Healthcare facilities, Health Insurance for OVCs, Widow and Widower, and all people who are disadvantages (less provided) etc. We’ll need to have specific period of time where we can advertise which program, we first support and which is the last program in supporting community. We’ll talk to FCO Staff for clearing it.

See What Your Purchase Does To Support Communities Through Foundation For Community Outreach [FCO] / Project Kidogo [PK]

1. A $50.00 purchase from DICL gems will buy clothes for making pads for 5 girls.
2.  A $100.00 purchase from DICL gems will provide machine for making pads.
3. A $250.00 purchase from DICL gems will provide a wage for one employer for one months
4.  A $500.00 purchase from DICL gems will provide a house rent with security payment for 4 months.
5.  A $1,000.00 purchase from DICL gems will provide a small house with two rooms, one room for changing and another room for storing pads.

Scanned Certificate of Registration to be attached for the proof [FCO] See What Your Purchase Does to Support Foundation for Community Outreach [FCO] in collaboration with Project Kidogo [PK]: